Monday, October 19, 2009

Sewing Workshop - Salsa Blouse #2

I liked the Salsa pattern so much, I immediately cut into my special Kasuri-inspired stretch woven to make another!

I've already blogged about my authentic kasuri fabric and how this black stretch woven is reminiscent of a kasuri. I wanted something special for this fabric and decided this pattern would be "it." This fabric is, essentially, a stripe. If it had been possible, I would have "fussy" cut it to place the stripes more strategically, but it was just not possible. I barely was able to get the top out of the fabric I had (some of the seam allowances were smaller than they should have been), so I had to let the stripes fall where they may. I think it worked out ok (not perfect, but ok), but I did think about it. :D

Because this is a stretch woven and my last Salsa was made from a knit, you can see this one drapes differently. DD#2 (my photographer) felt that this one is "a bit less flattering" – she commented that this black version makes me look a bit "wider" than the navy. I am not sure I agree, but in the interest of full disclosure, after she said this I popped in some petal shoulder pads for the photos. Unused to shoulder pads, she wasn't sure she liked that effect either, but I do think it improves the line a bit. Not sure if I will wear it this way, but it's an option.

Forgive the silly pictures. Sometimes one tires of trying to make oneself look less hideous in a photo and one is egged on by a certain 14-year-old and one becomes... well maybe a bit silly. :)

At least you can clearly see the lovely texture of this black fabric. The only thing different for this version is that I shortened the sleeves a bit less -- maybe 5" or 6" instead of 8". Still, a lot of shortening. :)