Friday, May 6, 2011

A Circle Skirt

I am still here! Still alive and kicking. I have not sewed in a week, so my kicking is likely to turn nasty soon. :)

DD1 is graduating from high school, so there is a lot going on right now. I decided to post something that she made this week.

Her math teacher assigned a "creative" math project to wrap up their high school math experience. It could pretty much be anything they wanted. One student wrote and performed a song relating to math, for example. Another used triangular pieces of (cardboard? wood?) to construct a piece of architecture.

My daughter decided to make her own pattern for a circle skirt. For her fabric, she raided my stash and came up with a Marcy Tilton fabric (of course). This is a pebbled knit, printed with a diagonal stripe. When she threw it on the dining table (to cut it out) both of us got dizzy from that stripe! It's great... in small doses. And since I bought this to use as piping, or for small contrast areas, it is perfect for that. (And luckily I still have some left.)

I like how the diagonal printed stripe goes every which way in the circle skirt

And here's another shot of the same kid. It was a fun surprise to see DD1 featured on the poster for this year's spring show.

The same daughter appears, albeit briefly, in a music video released this week called "Get Naked." Ahem, no, she's dancing. I guess it's good that she has different interests. ;)

I will sew again. I have several half-finished projects, so I will have something new to show, hopefully soon. :)