Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Thursday! Marcy Fabric Sale Goodness

First, thanks to all of you for your kind comments on my Style Arc garments! They are so well drafted that they are a pleasure to sew. I told myself that I need to sew quite a few of them up in order to justify ordering more. I plan to order another three in August. ;)

My kids return from Europe today. That will affect my productivity. I'm not sure why, but having people around just tends to do that.

I cut out another Style Arc project two evenings ago, but I do not have the right color thread (slate blue) to sew it. Until I get to the store, I will be working on a McCalls jacket. I altered the jacket pattern last night and plan to cut it out this evening. I am making the first version in a test fabric and, if it works out, I plan to use a special Emma One Sock fabric to make a version for my Fall 6-pack.

It's easy to do fall sewing here. I look outside my window and my street is thick with low-lying fog and it's 50 degrees F. It feels like fall to me! In fact, I am feeling distinctly Halloween-ish.

Big news at work. A project I have been working on for FOUR YEARS is published today. This project involves many people and it feels great to say that it's done!

But the reason for this post... did you hear that Marcy Tilton is having a free shipping sale? It begins tomorrow, Friday, and goes through Sunday. She announces these sales in her newsletter and if you don't already subscribe, you should. (The link takes you to her newsletter which has instructions for taking advantage of the sale.) It's always a great read! I am eyeing three fabrics and trying to decide if I can justify buying them.