Monday, January 25, 2010

Report -- Marcy Tilton's Inspiration Paris CD

I just received Marcy Tilton's new virtual workshop CD, Inspiration Paris. I pre-ordered a copy that arrived Saturday and I wasted no time in checking it out. :)

In order to use the CD on the Mac (which is what I have), QuickTime and Adobe Reader are required. I did not have Adobe Reader installed, because the Mac generally uses Preview to read PDF documents, but Preview doesn't work properly with the video segments.

Once I downloaded and installed Adobe Reader, I clicked on the Inspiration Pris.pdf file to launch Reader and open the file. Page 1, is a title page. Page 2 is an index. From there you can select Videos, Galleries (photos), or Links. The Videos are listed on page 3, and there are five to choose from:
  • Piecing featuring Marcy's technique of subdividing a pattern to create a multi-seamed design.
  • Strips featuring Marcy's technique of embellishing with fabric strips, both plain and pleated.
  • Zippers showing how to install a separating zipper. She features a beautiful Riri zipper.
  • Holy Moley shows Marcy's technique for circular inserts.
  • Travel Wardrobe – Marcy walks you through her own travel wardrobe and how she plans it out. Her wardrobe fits into a small suitcase and takes her from three to six weeks in Paris.
If you look at Marcy's home page, there is a video segment on Hong Kong finishes. They did not have enough room to include this in the CD, which is too bad, but you can see it online here: The index for the photo galleries (page 4) breaks the photos down into several categories:
  • Fashion
  • Shopping
  • Museums and Tours
  • Streets
  • Marcy's (including garments she has purchased and created)
Most of the photo pages are collaged, and many are annotated. The photos go from page 5 to page 78. The links and text begin on page 79. It begins with an overview of her Paris trips. Beginning on page 82 she lists some of her favorite places to stay, shop, and places to go for inspiration. She also has a list of blogs that she recommends relating to Paris and Paris fashion. Finally, several pages are dedicated to two walking tours ("promenades") that she recommends, telling you exactly where to walk, where to stop, etc. If I were planning a trip to Paris, this resource alone would be invaluable.

I was happy to see Marcy offering this CD at the price point of $20. Her website says she plans more in this series of reasonably priced CDs. I welcome that, because $40 for a CD that you have not been able to preview requires a great leap of faith.

From the video segments, I most enjoyed the video on the circular inserts, called Holy Moley, particularly the technique she uses to create a "pick stitch" on the front of the garment, perpendicular to the seam. This seaming technique is not just decorative – it actually secures the seam. I am not sure that my older sewing machine is capable of creating that effect, though I plan to try. The extensive slide show is a rich visual feast and I will be going back to look through those images more carefully. :)

If any of you own her screen printing CD, can you leave info in the comments about it? I would love to see it, but $40 is a significant investment. :)