Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fall Vogues are Out!

I want to thank everyone for your kind comments on my wild trench coat. It is nice to have a well fitting coat in one's wardrobe.

Did you hear it? Early yesterday, the call went out, and it rippled, like waves growing larger and larger... the fall Vogues are out!!!

I couldn't get to the Vogue website fast enough. I was especially looking forward to any new Marcy Tilton or Miyake patterns, but I was surprised to see so many great patterns across the board. Usually when the new Vogues come out, some niche audience is not happy with the offerings, but this selection has designs to please everyone. I've been reading reviews on other blogs, and they cover the fitted dresses, skirts, and designer patterns, but tend to ignore the patterns I like. So here is my report. :)

First up, Vogue 1024, the new Issey Miyake. I really like this design! I think Terri K pointed out that this top resembles the out-of-print Sewing Workshop Elle jacket pattern. Even the pants look promising, though I would use a quieter fabric. With the neckline that extends directly over the bust point, it's dubious that the top would work on my frame without some major modification, but it's a great look for the right body type. Be sure to study the line drawings to see how interesting this piece is.

I love this new Marcy Tilton jacket! It might be my favorite pattern of the batch. I'm grateful that it has no horizontal seams near the bustline which can be so problematic for me. I have several fabrics that would work for this and I can imagine grabbing this jacket on most any chilly San Francisco day.

From Vogue

Next, another Marcy Tilton twist on the t-shirt, Vogue 8671. I especially like View A, with the asymmetric neckline also echoed in the asymmetric hem. And the vertical design line on the left should have a slimming effect. View A also features side seam slits, another flattering detail. I like the architectural hemline of Views B and C, with the squared piece that hangs below the rest of the hem. The hem of the sleeves on View B and C also feature an outside dart - I like! Vogue describes this pattern as close fitting, so I would expect to sew this up in my actual size, or close to. (Some of her previous t-shirt patterns had generous ease, but the fashion trend continues to move closer to the body and these new patterns seem to reflect that trend.)

Next is Sandra Betzina's new jacket pattern, Vogue 1198. So cute! This jacket has armhole princess seams, but also features vertical seams to the shoulder, and the zipper is inserted into one of those vertical seams, so it has an asymmetric closure. All those seams mean you can achieve just the right fit. I just love the overlapping collar – one of my favorite coats in the House of Elliott series featured a collar like that, so it's been on my mind. The gathered belt in the back is a cute design detail, but I would omit it since even my back waist is not worth showcasing. But if you have a waist, this would be a great detail. I would probably make view A, which has zippers in the hem of the sleeves. Tres chic!

The final pattern I want to mention is one I may not buy, but I keep coming back to it, so it may jump into my cart. Vogue 8677 is a suit, and I really don't have a need for a fitted suit in my life. But see those sleeves? You must have heard that focus on the shoulder is returning, and this pattern certainly reflects that. It is reminiscent of the 80s, but a more modern silhouette. When I look at the pattern, my eyes are first drawn to the shoulders, and that is a Good Thing – most of us with more mature figures don't want the eye drawn to the bust, or the waist, or the hips (choose your poison). This pattern is an "almost there" for me. I would leave off the decorative closure and the giant pocket flaps, which do bring the eye to the waist. I like the princess seams and would fit the pattern so that it wasn't so close fitting. Finally, I might remove the notch at the collar so that it was connected to the jacket front with a straight line. But I would keep those fabulous sleeves. I might buy the pattern for that detail alone. After all, it's not that difficult to transfer an armscye from one pattern to another, and then you can use the sleeve without any trouble. :)

I guess my only disappointment is that there are no new funky pant patterns. It's a small complaint, to be sure, but I hope to see some in the next batch...

So, when is that next Vogue pattern sale????