Sunday, November 17, 2013

Miscellaneous and Sundry

Happy Sunday evening! (Or Monday morning, if you are in Australia...)

I have managed to finish two projects since Friday, but I can't show them quite yet. One is a Christmas gift, so it will have to wait a bit. That project involved a trip to the big box hardware store, which always makes me happy.

The other newly completed project is a garment for me, but I finished it after dark, so no pictures yet.

I am now waiting for inspiration for one project (dither dither), and supplies for another.

I received my latest Style Arc order yesterday, so I sat down this evening to peruse the new patterns. I really love the Ziggi moto jacket, though I haven't identified a fabric for that one. At any rate, I can't start it quite yet. There was an error with the first batch of patterns that they sent out and, a day after shipping the first copy, they emailed saying that a second copy was being mailed that corrected the error. A costly mistake for them, but I am impressed at how quickly they remedied the situation.

By the way, I saw on the Style Arc Facebook page last week that they now have cheaper international shipping! That will be very welcomed. They are also selling several colors of stretch bengaline. I just love the stretch bengaline that they sent me as my free gift for joining their pattern club over a year ago - I've been "saving" it. They are evidently selling out of colors very quickly. I have never seen stretch bengaline in this country to equal the quality of what they sent me over a year ago. (It is similar to a ponte fabric, but slightly ribbed, like a faille, and the stretch goes in the width, so you cut out your project in the cross grain direction.)

Doublestitch asked, in a comment on the Queen of Dithering post, if I would be willing to do a sew-along for the Ziggi. I'm not really a sew-along kind of person, but if there is general interest, maybe I could post some in-progress posts when I make my version. (Though I don't usually do that either, as in-progress posts aren't my favorite to read, as a rule.) Let me know, in the comments, if you think it might be worthwhile.

On Saturday, I attended (and worked at) an all day Harvest Festival and was wearing my latest Koos ensemble. While working a quiet shift as a greeter, I checked my iPhone and I saw that KOOS VAN DEN AKKER (his caps) had "liked" my photo of the very same outfit, which had been posted on the Stonemountain and Daughter Facebook page. You can see the proof of his "LIKE" in the following photo.

How cool is that?

Of course, I have no idea if it was Koos himself, or one of his assistants managing his Facebook account, who liked the pic, but it made me smile.

And speaking of Facebook, Emma One Sock now has a new Facebook page. For some time now, Marcy Tilton and Gorgeous Fabrics have one, too. It's a great way to keep abreast of developments and sales with your favorite vendors, like Pam Erny of Fashion Sewing Supply.

Happy week! I hope to have a new garment to show you soon, but these short winter days make taking selfies trickier.