Sunday, September 23, 2012

What the Heck? A Knitted Donut Collar

You might ask, what the heck, Shams? What is that thing?

Fair question.

When I was in Ashland a week ago, I decided I needed an easy knitting project, primarily because it is suggested that you bring an easy handwork project to Design Outside the Lines.

At Web*sters, they didn't have enough balls of yarn for the project I wanted to make, so I switched gears. I picked up this "braided cowl" pattern, but the yarn to make it would have cost over $80, so I switched to another yarn, of a smaller gauge. I also switched to smaller needles. In the process of making this change, the resulting knitted fabric became more dense, and less flowy. The "cowl" became more like a collar.

I like it, but it's not the same beast.

I decided to call it a "donut collar". It looks a bit strange over a black tee, but I think it would look nice over a black coat or jacket, in cold weather. I have more yarn left, and am thinking that maybe I need matching cuffs. ;)

You can read more about it on my Ravelry review, Shibui Knitted Donut Collar.

I received only one request for the free ticket to Artistry in Fashion, which is in less than a week. Therefore, it goes to Sewphie! I will be mailing it soon. I am so sorry I have to miss this year!

On Facebook, Marcy is already posting pictures from New Mexico. You might be able to see these without being a member of FB, I'm not sure. I'm not leaving quite yet. I still have a few tasks, such as work, taking DD2 to the doctor, packing.

By the way, I enjoyed watching the Emmy's this evening. My favorite dress was a Vivienne Westwood worn by Tina Fey.