Sunday, December 5, 2010

Felted Necklace - Greedy Gift Grab

Well, it's that time of year again. It was time to make (or buy) a gift for my sewing group's holiday party. The party was last night (and so much fun!!), so I can now post pics of what I brought.

I wanted to do something very different from last year, so I tossed around many ideas. I ended up making a necklace with elastic and felt balls. I have seen this sort of thing sold in boutiques – made by a couple different designers. It's nice that you can wear this piece different ways or even layer them if you have more than one.

So, what goody did I bring home? I received a beautiful silk scarf. (And when I say "I received", that is a euphemism for "I stole" this sought-over gift. :) ) I had never seen such an interesting design before. It's very much like those "water snake" tube toys that were popular a few years ago.

Except this is made with gorgeous silks. :)

Turns out this is available as a Vogue pattern. Somehow I'd never noticed this one before. It's Vogue 8551.

Vogue 8551

And I realized that I never posted my beautiful gift from last year! I received a box of beautiful handmade cards. I've used quite a few of them over this last year, so I realized I should take a couple photos before they are all gone.

I really appreciate my fun and creative sewing friends. They make such gorgeous things, but none of them blog about it.


  1. All lovely items. What a nice idea. Other sewing/crafty people appreciate hand made gift so much more than the rest of the population!

  2. Great gifts given and received! It is so special knowing that the one who receives the gift appreciates and knows full well the effort.

  3. You are amazing, Shams! Not only for this necklace, and all the other, recent, incredible things you've made, but I clicked on the link to last year's present -- wow!

    And this necklace? Incredibly clever (love the different ways to wear it) and so beautifully made. I'll just creep back into the other room now where I'm stitching up some felt bags . . . flat, boring felt bags . . .

  4. You are so creative and it must be a joy to hang around other talented women. Love the necklace, the scarf and the cute cards.

  5. What fun to have a gift exchange of handmade goodies! Your necklace is just delightful and rather inspiring... thinking about some needle-felted beads now....

    Though I cannot remember which issue it was, long ago there was a Threads magazine article with instructions on making a scarf like the beautiful one that you have "acquired".

  6. What a lovely idea! And the gift you gave was just as delightful as the gift you received, so wonderful to have parity; an important aspect of secret santas, no?!
    Thankyou for your sweet comment on my scarf in my blog; far less work went into mine.. (blush) It's a lot more of a summery and casual scarf than your beautiful example here.