Thursday, February 16, 2012

Au Bonheur Jeans Funkiness!

I made the Au Bonheur jeans a third time. The first time, I tested the pattern in black ponte. The second time, I made a pair using stretch indigo denim.

This time I wanted to make a pair that showcased the funky aspect of this pattern. For this pair, I made the following changes:

  • The original pattern calls for contrasting fabrics for several of the pattern pieces. For the first two pair, I used the same fabric for the entire pants. For this pair, I created my own contrasting fabric using my needle felting machine (also called an embellishing machine).
  • I changed the back pockets. I started with the pocket shape from the Jalie Jeans and made a pocket design that incorporated a contrasting element and echoed the angle of the yoke.
  • I made this pair 1" longer.
  • I used white top-stitching thread.

Materials and Notions:

  • Stretch black denim from FabricMart, purchased a year ago. I don't remember the lycra content, but 5" of the fabric stretched to 7". I prewashed the denim many times.
  • White Guterman top-stitching thread (color #20).
  • Scraps of lining and double-faced cotton to finish the lower edge of the front knee gusset and the front and back pockets.
  • Frixion pens. I used these to mark the back of the denim to mark the darts, where the pocket backing would be exposed, etc. These worked GREAT! After I was done with the markings, they were easily removed with steam from the iron.


I LOVE these jeans! I have been wearing the blue pair quite a bit and they are SO comfy. And they STAY UP! I just barely managed to get them entered into the jeans contest on Pattern Review. I had to drive to my DD1's place yesterday to use her Mac and struggle with an unfamiliar environment where I didn't have my tools or my passwords. It took me two hours, but I managed to get it done.

If you are a member of Pattern Review (either free or paid), you can VOTE, if you wish.

Pictures Galore!

So happy to get my computer back, I am dancing!

Needle felting the front knee gussets. The knee gusset on the right has the darts sewn in but not yet topstitched.

Front knee gusset, completed.

Back knee gusset, completed.

All of the needle felted bits. Notice the flowering tree in my back yard? In February? It really has been a beautiful spring this winter.

Back pockets. I started with the Jalie Jeans pocket shape and then drafted my own version.

Front pocket backing. I only needle felted the part that shows.

Yes, they are United Nude shoes.

A "Mom Jeans" butt? I am not sure...


  1. I'm a mom, and I've never had a butt like yours....I LOVE your jeans! I hope you win!!!!

  2. WOW, just WOW! Typing from Nook, so that's all for now.

    Re: Butt--Mom should be so lucky.

  3. Way, way WAY too fabulous to be called Mom Jeans! I see that one of the voting criteria for the PR contest is jeans that "stand out from the crowd" You've done that in SPADES!

  4. I remember a comment from you about not being a shoe person. Look at those shoes!!!!! They are the perfect match to you smashing new jeans.

  5. No way are those mom jeans! I love what you've done with these, especially the back pockets. Good luck in the contest!

  6. Very fabulous! These are completely awesome and all the details are standout! LOVE them!

  7. I think I'm smiling as much as you are! They are beautiful! Now I want to/need to try this pattern! Love them! You created another piece of art! Thanks!


  8. Oh they are great! I went and voted for you :-)

  9. Cute jeans! I've never head of this pattern company before. Off to investigate!

  10. I love what you've done to your jeans!

  11. Mom jeans? NOT! These are awesome and I love the needle felting detail. I will be voting for you!

  12. Wow! Totally Shams jeans! Fabulous--now off to vote.

  13. Cutest jeans ever. What a fun use of your embellishing machine. Great fit too.

  14. Love these jeans, and your shoes!! What kind of felting machine do you have? Your jeans are so kewl looking but not overdone. They are a big hit. I'm going to vote for you now.

  15. I done voted, and I hope you win! :o) What were you using to make the contrast with your EMBELLISHING MACHINE? (See what a fast learner I am?) It doesn't look like yarn, but WHAT DO I KNOW? These pants are so awesome, I love everything about them. :o) Annette.

  16. Oh, and by the way, Kuby, her felting machine is a Janome. I only know, because I have one just like it. Mine is obviously defective, though, as it doesn't turn out the same level of product as Sharon's. :o) It's this one, and I LOVE mine. It's so neat (and strange) to have no bobbin and no thread -- ha!


  17. What a wonderful pair of jeans, Shams, made even better with the use of your embellisher. It's such a nifty machine, and one for which I'm always looking for more uses. Thanks for the inspiration!


  18. Very cool jeans! And love the shoes, which are perfect with them.

  19. those are adorably funky! I would wear them in a heartbeat. How I wish that AuBonheur was still in business... Might need to adapt those knee gussets to my TNT overall pattern

  20. Artistic AND flattering back pocket design - impressive.

    Good coordination of the needle felting as a design element.

    Great overall look with top, jewelry, shoes.

    Another Carol in Denver

  21. Cool jeans! I love your back pockets. :)