Monday, September 6, 2010

Au Bonheur des Petites Mains - Pants with Side Tucks (PL000001)

Sorry the pose is a bit weird, but it was hot and I was in a hurry. :) This pic shows the pant silhouette the best.

Time for another Au Bonheurs pattern! I do tend to spread these out, don't I? :)

I made this intriguing design using my beloved black ponte from Fabrix. (I bought 50 or 60 yards of this for $2.39 a yard and resold, for the same price, much of it to fellow sew group friends. I think I sold too much of it, though, cause I'm getting low! ;) )

The pattern is designed for woven fabrics and calls for an invisible zipper. (The photo on the website is made from what looks like a white linen and has an exposed zipper, but the photo on the pattern itself is made from a black fabric with an invisible zipper.)

I made a size 46, which is the largest size on the pattern. To be honest, though, I could have made a smaller size because the pants are fairly roomy through the hips, especially in the ponte. I made minimal changes to the pattern this time - I enlarged the waist and used elastic waistband instead of a zipper. I had to shorten the pants about 2.5", but I did this after construction, since the legs are straight tubes at the hem - the shaping happens higher up. I cut the pants with extra length at the top to ensure that the crotch was long enough and I just cut off the excess before attaching the waistband.

I am wearing these with a new top. This is Teagarden T #5, made with a ponte from Fabricmart. I really like these pants and they remind me, just a bit, of Vogue 8397A, from Marcy Tilton, one of my favorite pant patterns.

For those of you who want to make these, here is my translation of the instructions, though of course I didn't bother with the zipper or facings:

  • Sew the tucks on the side bottom (3) by placing the X mark on top of the O mark and fold the tuck towards the top or the bottom, as indicated by the arrows. Secure with pins.
  • Sew the side bottom (3) to the side top (2), following marks C and D. Turn the seam allowances up and topstitch the width of the presser foot.
  • Sew the front (1) to the side starting at mark A, turning the corner. Turn the seam allowance towards the side and topstitch the width of the presser foot.
  • Sew the back top (4) to the back bottom (5), according to marks E and F. Turn the seam allowances up and topstich the width of the presser foot.
  • Insert the invisible zipper in the center front crotch opening.
  • Sew the rest of the crotch seam.
  • Sew the inseam.
  • Interface the facings. Sew the back facing (7) to the front facing (6).
  • Sew the facing to the waist, right sides together. Turn the facing to the inside and topstitch the width of the presser foot.

I just noticed that this pattern is on sale for 8 Euros (regularly 11.50 Euros), so maybe it will be discontinued soon?


  1. Cool pants. I like them in the ponte knit and in the linen.

  2. Those are intriguing pants, and a style you wear well. I LOVE Ponte for pants. LOVE.

  3. Love these pants! Thanks to you, I visited the Au Bonheur website, and drooled like mad. Boy, do I wish someone sold these patterns here in the states! Your pants look absolutely great. I've often admired the interesting styles you make -- we've got similar taste in trews!

  4. Yes, Noile, we do! I just love love love your most recent pants and can't wait to make them up. I had bought the pattern but hadn't convinced myself I would like them. :)

  5. These pants are so interesting! I love your repertoire of pants...
    50-60 YARDS of fabric?! That's got to be some kind of record, the fabric must be really fantastic!

  6. LOL, Carolyn. I resold much of it to members of my sewing group. At no profit, I might add. :)

  7. I love those pants, but since I don't speak French, I had trouble navigating even with Google Translate. Do you get them from the website? How does one get them shipped to the US? IOW did you pay the huge tax? freight? whatever that was?

    Just discovered your blog and really enjoy your clothing and find it very inspirational.

  8. Ha ha. Lack of French knowledge did not stop me! I ordered these. Thanks for the translated sewing directions. I definitely won't seem myself coming and going in these beauties!