Saturday, March 19, 2011

Burda 7344 - Harem pants!

It was very blustery and nippy when this photo was taken.

I recently purchased a pair of boutique pants with extreme draping at the sides. I really like these pants, which you can see in the following picture.

Sandra Betzina jacket with RTW pants

When I saw the new Burda spring patterns, I decided to give #7344 a try, since they had a similar vibe to the pants I had purchased. When I went to cut out the tissue pattern, I was shocked at the size of it. This pattern piece, roughly the size of a Buick, had to be cut out on the floor.

My fabric wasn't quite long enough to accommodate the pattern, so I shortened the pant leg by 1". I couldn't possibly tell what size to use or if it needed altering, so I measured the top of the pant (sans pleats) and chose the size closest to my desired finished waist measurement.


  • Black microfiber from Fabrix
  • 1" waistband elastic

Alterations and Modifications:

  • As mentioned previously, I shortened the leg by 1". You can see this in the pattern piece above.
  • I eliminated the zipper. This fabric has a generous 4-way stretch.
  • I eliminated the yoke.
  • Once I had the two legs sewn together, I tried it on. The crotch seam was too long by 3", so I shortened the entire waistline by 3". This was tricky, due to all the pleating. I had initially sewn the pleats 1/2" from the top of the original waistline. I then carefully laid them out and pinned them 3-1/2" further down and sewed them again. I then cut off the 3" excess evenly around the top of the pant.
  • I sewed on a waistband casing and inserted elastic (instead of the yoke).
  • The finished pant is left raw at the hem. The pant legs are VERY long. Even though I shortened them 1" (which is typical for me), they are maybe 6"-8" longer than my ankle. However, my sewing buddies tell me that they look better when ruched at the ankle, so I left the length.

As I sewed these pants (and they are a quick project), I had no idea if they would work. I wondered if I'd have wadder on my hands. I had no idea until the final fitting, after the waistband was completed. When I finally saw them, I was surprised at how much I liked them.


  1. I like that droopy ankle thing going on too! I love how you challenge all these wildly interesting pants styles. They always look great on you too.

  2. Shams: Brava! You always choose the most avant-garde designs and they look just great on you! I would be concerned about wearing such a look, but you are encouraging me to be more adventurous. You always look fantastic!

    Gail D.

  3. I'm a lot more conservative in my dress, but I think these pants give a lot of balance to your shape. Nicely done.

  4. Look fantistic on you. On me? I'm afraid my husband would think I was auditioning for "I Dream of Jeannie"

  5. Way to go, Shams! Love the pants!

  6. You look great wearing these pants. From the smile on your face, I think you are enjoying them. They are fun pants!!

  7. These are so you! And work so well with your top and frame.

  8. They look great, and they make your legs look looooong! (On the other hand, maybe your legs ARE long?) I like your RTW pants, but these even more, and the higher crotch is a real improvement on Burda's design.

    PS - love the landscape!

  9. Those are awesome! AWESOME! Those edge styles are so Shams! You look great in them.

  10. I just bought that pattern too! I'm quite intrigued by the pants, although I'm not 100 percent certain I can pull them off. They are so fabulous on you!