Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sewing Workshop - eShrug

If you haven't heard about the Sewing Workshop's new pattern, the eShrug, I am surprised. This is TSW's foray into digital downloads. For $6 you get a PDF file that you print out, tape together, and cut out. It comes in 3 sizes - S, M and L.

I bought the kit from Linda Lee when she spoke at PenWAG a couple weeks ago and I finally got mine sewn. I made the large, which fits me through the back, but the shoulder is a bit wide. If I make this again, I will narrow the shoulder.

It takes less than a yard and less than an hour to sew if you choose a fabric where you can leave the edges raw.

I was curious how this would work on the uber busty, like me, since the fullness of the drape lands on the bust. If the fabric is drapey enough, it's ok, but tread carefully. :)


  1. how cute is that?! And gotta love a quick easy sew.

  2. I think I got the exact same kit. I used a narrow hem on my serger to finish my edges with wooly nylon. I lengthened the sleeves an inch or so, and if I make it again would lengthen them even more (but my arms are long). It was fun to make but I am no fan of using all that printer paper as it makes the pattern very stiff and unwieldy.

  3. I love your eshrug think it looks great on. I think I'll need to lengthen my hem, but your length looks perfect on you. You sound rather lukewarm on your final project. Am I reading this correctly? Well, anyway, you look adorable, as usual.