Thursday, April 21, 2011

Michaels Fabric Box has Arrived!

I just received a box containing the fabrics I bought when visiting A Fabric Place (aka Michael's) in Baltimore last week. I don't normally post fabric purchases, but I promised a preview, so here you go!

Navy & White Silk Dupioni Ikat

When I saw this, towards the beginning of Michael's tour, I was on it like a monkey on a cupcake. There were only 2 yards left, which is sad, because I would have happily bought more.

Teal & Black 100% Wool

This is a soft wool, and the bold design is woven, not printed. It has a wonderful, soft hand. This will make a great jacket. If I recall correctly, he also had this in purple.

Cotton Velvet Zebra Print

I was looking for a cotton velvet print and, while this is not the sort of print I had in mind, I could not resist this wonderful fabric. The photo does not do it justice. It is rich, drapey, and almost gives the impression of an actual pelt, but with a better hand.

Betsey Johnson Cotton Bubble Print

I remember seeing this on a few sites many months ago. I kept looking at it, but held off ordering. I'm glad I did, because Michael had it in several colorways, for a good price. I chose the autumnal colorway.

Black Print Poly Crepe

This fabric is a really nice heavy poly crepe. It has a beautiful drape.

Butter Linen Jersey

I had a difficult time photographing this. It is a linen jersey in a soft yellow/light mustard color. There is also a small percentage of another fiber because the whole piece is just very slightly metallic. This is such a high-end piece. He also had this fabric in a taupe color

Polka Dot Embossed Green Lambskin

It was difficult to photograph this piece. This is the most beautiful green lambskin embossed with polka dots. If you call Michael's and mention sham's blog, you get any of his skins for $4 per square foot instead of his usual price of $8 per square foot. I don't get anything for this, but it tickles me to have a "sham's blog" offer of any kind, so do call if you are interested. :)

Green Cashmere & Silk Blend

Wow, this fabric is so hard to photograph! I can see why Michael's relies on swatches. This fabric may be my favorite of the entire bunch and I could not capture how wonderful it is. The cashmere and silk blend is pure heaven to the touch. The color is possibly best described as "sage green", but that's not really accurate. There are many different colored threads, giving it an almost heathered appearance, though I don't think that's quite the right term, since I think heathered implies black threads. I think. Anyway, this is really beautiful and I bought enough for pants.


  1. Thanks for posting! These are all lovely and I so enjoy looking at what you purchased. Your fabric choices are always perfect for the designs you choose.

  2. Seriously you don't do fabric posts why? How else will you taunt us with the fabric goodness that resides with you? *LOL* You did good! You took full advantage of this trip and these will make beautiful garments.

  3. I look forward to seeing what you do with these beautiful pieces!

  4. What a haul! That last cashmere/silk looks positively edible it's so scrumptuous. Have fun creating with your new goodies. I know whatever you make will be spectacular.

  5. Wow this looks great and the only fabric I hadn't seen. Maybe I should have stayed there rather than go to the yarn store?

  6. Well, I am glad you posted! I was curious what you found. Beautiful!

  7. Shams I am so impressed with your courage. You must have a really impressive stash. I tend to acquire fabric only for a specific pattern and only for one or two projects at a time. I learned decades ago if I just bought fabric without a specific purpose, it didn't get done. Such freedom to just buy yardage! Have fun.

  8. Lovely collection! I particularly love the silk/cashmere. Heathered is the correct term if I'm reading you right. It means colours that are blended together in the fibre form before the yarn is spun. Like a tweed only more thoroughly blended than that. What can I say? I'm a spinner.

  9. Thanks for posting these. All TDF, but I'm partial to the Silk Ikat. I've never seen anything like it, and probably never will. Cannot wait to see what you do with it.