Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Wales Welcome! National Corduroy Appreciation Day

I love corduroy and tomorrow, November 11, 2011, is Corduroy Appreciation Day. This date, 11/11/11, was chosen because, in numeric form, it resembles the wales in corduroy. And, it's on a Friday! There are many events planned all over the world a handful of events planned in a few cities. In 2111, it will be on a Wednesday, so don't expect quite so much hullabaloo next time, being a school night and all. :)

I wish I could properly celebrate the day, sewing some corduroy, for example, but at least 11 hours will be spent in a car, heading with DD1 on a college tour to Oregon. Though, doesn't Oregon seem like a proper corduroy-wearing state?

Let's hope so, because I will be wearing cords that day. In fact, in the photo above you see me wearing one of my favorite corduroy pieces, a jacket made from a corduroy that alternates wide wale and very wide wale. I found this garment on ebay many moons ago but, hey, one day I may knock it off.

I'm also wearing cream-colored corduroy Jalie Jeans, but these are going into the Goodwill bag, as they aren't nearly as comfy to wear as the Linda pants I made with the same fabric.

I know I have been quiet on the blogosphere, but my sewing has been proceeding very slow of late. I'm not sure if it's preferable to find other (sewing-related) things to blog about, or to wait until I have something to show.

The jacket I am working on is close to being done, but due to the impending road trip I can't work on it this weekend or I could finish it. It's been a bit challenging to fit, so I'm hoping it will turn out ok, but the jury is definitely out.

I also continue to walk at one to two hours a day, which also eats into my free time. And, in an effort to eat better, I am cooking and doing more food prep. (Kale smoothie, anyone?) For me, at least, a healthier lifestyle takes more time. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Corduroy Appreciation Day. May your wales be true and your nap smooth!

P.S. Inspired by the snow picture, I specifically looked for corduroy textures on this morning's walk. The best I could find was this bit of sidewalk, at a crosswalk near my home, in concrete. I would buy fabric like this!


  1. Nice looking outfit! Have a safe trip and happy Corduroy Appreciation Day! I never knew that there was such a day. Now I do! :)

  2. Hi ya...I particularly like old, worn corduroy...I have a red jacket and a red vest that are 20+ years old...older is better! Safe Journey.

  3. Corduroy Appreciation Day - I love it! Hope that your trip is excellent and useful.

    Say, I don;t suppose that you are coming through Portland??? If you are, it might be fun to meet for tea or something, if your schedule allowed?

  4. I'd love that, Alison! But this time I won't be close enough to Portland. If DD1 ends up attending her college of choice, then I will make sure to make other trips up to the area!

  5. Nice jacket! Shams sometimes our path diverges into other interests. When that happens we need to go with the flow and blog about what we feel like. But while I think it perfectly natural and desired for a blogger to follow her own path, I tend to quit following when there is no sewing.

  6. I didn't mean I would blog about non-sewing issues, Bev. I meant, should I find other sewing-related items to blog about. I have two other blogs for my other interests. Three, if you count the work blog. :)

  7. I love corduroy, but I never would have thought that there could be SUCH love of corduroy. Love the jacket!

  8. Somehow I don't own anything corduroy but I'm with you on the admiration of that texture. Love your sidewalk photo. I'm just home from another trip and trying to catch up. I spotted your SF walk photos and really enjoyed going through them. What an eye you have for interesting details! Lots of places I haven't seen in the city. Also, having attended college in Oregon, I can definitely recommend it as a great place to be, with or without corduroy.

  9. Hi Shams,
    I have been recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award (yeah!!!) and now need to pass it onto a few other sewing bloggers that I follow.
    Would you mind if I select you and your site to include?????

  10. I am feeling some serious love for that cord jacket! And I love the whole Corduroy Appreciation Day! I inherited several pieces of cord, & have some finewale that I want to make the Linda pants from, but, sadly, don't have single corduroy anything to wear tomorrow :( Clearly I need to at least do a little sewing or cutting with some.

    I think I've had a love/hate relationship with corduroy for some's time to bring some more of the love aspect into it - thanks for this post!

    And congrats on the actions you're taking towards a healthier lifestyle! I'm 100% with you :)

  11. Hello Shams,
    You look good in the jacket! I love your pretty snow photos too.
    I didn't know there was a Corduroy Appreciation Day. Thank you for posting this, it's lovely to know today is the day.

  12. I wonder if in 2111 corduroy will even exist, other than in our stashes of course :) , which will have been passed down through the generations?

  13. Good for you trying to live healthy. I'd love to try a kale smoothie - what's your recipe? I have a friend who grows it organically. Of course, if I made a kale smoothie for my family, they would surely complain that I was trying to kill them.

    Cute jacket, love the wide wale.

    Shams, three blogs? How do you keep up?

  14. Walking outdoors, eating good food, and wearing comfort fabric. A perfect day. A kale smoothie actually sounds kind of interesting. DD makes a spinach smoothie with fruit and her kids eat it like, well, not at all like spinach. If only she could make it taste like frozen chocolate yogurt.
    But, really, I just can't wait to hear and see more of your in-progress jacket!

  15. Oh you look good on your corduroy coat! The snow pic is also amazing as it matches the texture of your corduroy. You have a wild imagination!

    Somehow, I hope you also have time to visit one bookmarked cheap clothing store on the net. I like this e-shopping store for offering great quality items yet very affordable prices. Thanks!

  16. Thst is a very groovy outfit! I adore corduroy, as you know... I wish I could get hold of some white cord too!
    Hmmm, kale smoothie, sounds very intriguing... do you have it savoury, or is it sweet?
    Hope you all enjoyed Corduroy Appreciation Day!

  17. What a wonderful post! You have also inspired me to begin a walking program. I've been at it about a month. I sure don't walk an hour but maybe I can work up to more time. I can certainly relate to you not wanting to blog until you have something completed. I'm in the middle of two project myself and I feel guilty that my blog remains untouched.