Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and Another FabMo Class!

Sue and I with our bags. I think both of us plan to use these as caddy's in our sewing rooms. This size would also make a fabulous lunch tote. Most of the fabrics in the bag are silks.

Yesterday I took another great class from Luanne at FabMo! If you recall, the last class I took was on zippered pouches. This class was to make a tote bag. When you take one of Luanne's classes, you get a multiple-page packet she has prepared that shows you the steps, with color photos. This packet was even bigger than the one for the zippered bag, because it shows two styles and has instructions for different sizes. It's a great resource.

Our messy little sewing corner.

Once again, Luanne had prepackaged fabric packets. She finds that this jump starts the creative process, and you can always swap out any fabrics you don't care for using her bins of FabMo fabrics. I did that straight away, because my packet included a giant floral fabric. It was pretty, a black fabric with large roses, but I am not a floral girl and someone else should enjoy it.

Luanne giving a demonstration

The tote bag is more involved that the zippered pouch, so we really used the entire class time, and then some. Once again, the class was SO.MUCH.FUN. There were 11 students, so it was a full class, jam packed with info. It was pushing it, but Sue and I both got our bags done.

Sue has finished!

Prior to the class, we went to the FabMo distribution, which just happened to be Thursday through Saturday. I was trying to be restrained, and came away with half a bag of fabrics, and some jewelry findings. Once my current schedule settles down a bit, I'd like to make a larger tote, with a longer handle, piecing together some of those great FabMo fabrics.

Though not everyone managed to finish their bags, there were some really lovely combinations in the class!

Side 1.
I fussy cut the fabrics to get the motifs placed where I wanted.

Side 2.
I especially like the pieced, padded wraparound handle and the striped silk binding.

I like using two fabrics for the lining. This bag also has a magnetic snap closure, which is optional.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! to those who celebrate. My kids have a full day planned. We are meeting in downtown San Francisco at 10:30am and they told me that we won't be done until 9 or so.

I hope I have the stamina!


  1. wow, this is lovely. What a great way to spend the day and make beautiful bags.
    Happy mothers day my friend x

  2. Those are some beautiful fabrics in those bags!
    I hope you have the stamina, too :-D
    too funny; Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. As always (sigh), I love your latest project. You have such a good eye for this, I am tempted to really resent you for it, but I have decided not to. Does it get boring being so awesome? 8-D

    Have a great Mothers Day!

  4. Another great bag! I hope you have a wonderful day with your daughters! Happy Mothers Day to you too!

  5. I am so jealous, such great classes. Your purse is great. An early Mother's Day present to yourself!

  6. Happy Mother's Day. Love the bag!

  7. Recently acquired a taste for bag making. Careful it is addictive. You worked your fabrics really well.

  8. Nice bag! Have fun on your mother's day adventure!

  9. Gorgeous bags in a lovely size. Hope your day is a delight.

  10. So glad that you had such a wonderful time making the bag. It looks amazing!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Cute bag! I'll have to look into FabMo classes once my classes at Eddie's Quilting Bee come to an end. Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Happy Mother's Day! Cute bag. Also cute haircut!

  13. Hi Shams! I hope you had a great Mother's Day with your kids, and didn't let them wear you out.
    I really like the colors of your bag. It sounds like a fun project. FabMo seems like a wonderful place. You have so many sewing/fabric options in the Bay area; I'm jealous!

  14. Happy Mother's Day Shams! I hope you had a wonderful day getting spoilt by your girls :)
    Your new bag is tres cute

  15. I love these bags and your motif matching is awesome. I really enjoy reading about your activities!

  16. I love these little bags/totes and the positioning of the motif has perfected it - I really want to have a go at some bags. Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day celebration.