Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Tote Bag and Maker Faire

Side 1

Side 2

If you recollect, I reported on a FabMo tote bag class I took a couple weeks ago. In class we made a small tote bag, a perfect size for a sewing caddy or a lunch tote. But our packet included measurements and instructions for a large sized tote.

So, last Sunday, looking for a fun creative outlet, I rummaged through my FabMo fabrics looking for larger pieces. This tote is more involved than the smaller one, because it has 6 pockets: one zippered inside pocket, two inside patch pockets, and three outside pockets: one on each side, with a credit-card sized pocket peeking out from one of the larger pockets.

It ended up being a one day project.

One of the lining pieces with a contrasting patch pocket. Notice the lower right corner? That's an oops. I was supposed to cut away a 3" square to create the bottom, but I cut away a 4" square. To fix it, I pieced in another square and then cut the proper amount away.

The other lining piece. This one has a contrasting patch pocket below a zippered pocket. Notice that this one has the same oops? I had layered the two pieces together when cutting out the too-large square.

The backside of the above lining piece, showing the bag for the zippered pocket.

Alongside the smaller tote, for comparison.

Maker Faire 2012

The FabMo booth, before the event opened and the crowds descended.

And speaking of FabMo, last Saturday I volunteered to work in the FabMo booth at Maker Faire. I had been meaning to get over to Maker Faire for years but never quite managed it, so this was a good excuse. After my Saturday morning shift, I didn't have much time to see the rest of the fair, but I managed to see a bit of it before I had to leave for another event.

Maker Faire is an interesting event - it's a bit like "Burning Man Lite". It includes a Steampunk contingent. (I saw a couple who had just married in a Steampunk-themed ceremony, riding a Steampunk carriage around the grounds.)

Decorations on one of the booths selling Steampunk jewelry.

I didn't hang around long enough to understand what was going on here, but this exhibit was playing music.

There is a darkened building filled with light shows and laser booths. There are areas to play with legos, electronics, computers. There are funky vehicles to ride. There are robots including at least one Dalek. There are people sporting interesting and bizarre costumes.

This metal dragon is capable of breathing fire.

There is an area with people knitting and making jewelry and doing Tapigami. Tapigami is kind of like origami, but with masking tape.

The Tapigami display


In one building there are crafts activities, such as the FabMo booth. And there is food — lots and lots of food.

The beignet booth was right near the FabMo booth.

Will I go next year? I'm not sure. But it was interesting.


  1. "There are people in interesting and bizarre costumes." I think you just described my wardrobe...:) sounds like fun! and I LOVE your new tote!!!!!

    1. lol. Some of these folks would give you a run for your money. ;) It's a free spirited crowd.

  2. Love the bags. They look like two friends happy to be together.

  3. I meant to add, OMG, I can't believe that Tapigami piece. All I can say is wow.

  4. So relieved that someone as talented as you can have an "oops". Thanks for sharing.

  5. These bags look great, interesting to see photos from the Makers Fair, it looks like fun. Volunteering is a nice way to enjoy the show.

  6. Your bag looks absolutely wonderful!

  7. The tape art is pretty incredible and sounds like a unique venue.

    Luv, luv, luv your bag and its awesome colors and fabrics. Great job, Shams.

  8. I love those totes. Thanks for the tutorial. Every consider giving classes yourself? it sounds like you had a great time. Art inspiring and delicious!

  9. Now that is a pretty bag. May I steal it from you? No? Darn, I'll have to make my own.
    Maker Faire sounds cool. It also sounds like Renn Faire meets Craft Show. Your Burning Man Lite is a good metaphor. A supposedly fun thing you might never do again.