Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blogger Meetup - Fare Thee Well, Amy!

Thanks to Britex for the photo!

You know that I love me a good blogger meetup! And this was a great blogger meetup, though the occasion is a bit sad.

Amy, of Sew Well, has abandoned our fair city and escaped to northern climes. I hear that she wanted to be closer to Puyallup and the famous Sewing Expo. Or she is tiring of temperate weather and seeks a climate that requires more layers of clothing with opportunities to sew a larger wardrobe. Or maybe she just wanted to follow her husband to his new job.

We may never know the full truth.

The worst part is that it means we must now be deprived of one of the nicest sewists (and people) that you could ever meet.

Because Amy is a natural born organizer (and I am not), she arranged a farewell get together. Britex graciously offered to host a blogger gathering, complete with champagne toast.

After leaving Britex, we repaired to a local wine bar, for more bonding.

It was a great meetup! I have been lucky enough to attend all of our meetups since the first one that Beth, of Sunny Gal Studio organized a couple years ago.

Both Jillian and Beth have already done a great job of recapping the evening, but, I have to say, we just about closed down the wine bar with our amiable chatting.

Yes, the window of the All Saints store, next door to Britex, is full of antique Singers.

It is so nice to be among one's own kind! I think that Kelly summed it up well when she said that it's rare to be in a group of people, and mention something, like the "Colette Sew Along", and people understand what you mean!

Amen, sister. Amen.

Vanessa and I are deep in conversation. (Thanks to Jillian for this picture!)

I am very grateful for my sewing community, both in person and online. At least I can continue to keep up with Amy's activities through her blog. And, one of these days, I just may make it up to Seattle and I will have a sewing friend locked and loaded.

I also want to link to all the bloggers:

(Thanks to Jillian for this picture!)

Amy, may you find a warm and welcoming community of sewists and bloggers in your new city. I wish you all the best!


  1. Another wonderful recap! It's so nice to see all those great smiles and get a little reminder of such a fun evening!

  2. It's so lovely to read meet ups.. I would loooove to met you all one day x

    1. I would LOVE to meet you, Rachel!! I don't think London is in the cards for me any time soon, but you never know!

  3. Yes!! Put on those salmon pink jeans and get thee up to Seattle! That temperate Bay area climate is no fun, you want those fashion layers, you know you do!

    1. D'OH! (Hitting head) Of course! I had forgotten that you and Amy are now in the same city. You should watch her blog, Luz Clara, because she will, at some point, organize a meetup and they are so much fun!

      (And you are right, I love any climate that is not TOO extreme, but lets me add more layers.)

  4. Wish I was in the No-Cal Pacific NW area. Wonderful for folks who sew. Looks like fun!

  5. Aww... blogger meetups are the best. I'm still blown away at the real live friendships I've made with people through sewing - the connection is very special. And what better way to spend time not sewing than with people who love it as much as you do!

  6. So great to see everyone again! We need to come up with another excuse to all get together soon!

  7. It was a pleasure to meet you again, Shams! Sorry we didn't have much time to talk. :)

  8. I'm slowly settling in up here and just now getting to my blog reader. Thanks for writing up the evening so nicely. Hopefully I'll get mine up soon... I need to hold on to those last few glorious sunny days in San Francisco. Great to see you again, and looking forward to any visit you might make to this area!