Friday, July 26, 2013

Fall Vogues are Here!

Vogue 8930

What perfect timing!

The weather here in San Francisco has been chilly, damp and grey. Not so unusual for San Francisco in summertime, especially on the west end of town where I live. But I have been really in the mood for sewing for fall!

There are some nice coats and jackets in this batch and it seems much less "dress heavy" than it has been. Also, the BMV sale ends tonight (Friday), so if you like to order them via the website, hurry on over.

Here are some patterns I am admiring, in no particular order. (The pattern pics are clickable and take you to the relevant page on the Vogue site.)

Vogue 8933. It's hard to see the details on the photo of the sewn-up version, so I am showing the illustration instead. I like the shape of the collar and that the coat is lined. If you live in a super cold climate, I doubt you'd want a coat that is open at the bottom, but it is a cute detail.

Vogue 8934. Marcy Tilton raincoat. I *love* this! I have enough fabric to make probably 25 raincoats, so maybe I'll get to this one!

Vogue 8932. This jacket has some *wonderful* seaming details!

Vogue 8929. Marcy's pants. I LOVE LOVE these! YAY for some new fun Marcy pants! My only quibble is that the pattern only goes down to a size EIGHT. Come ON, Vogue!!!!!! Us butt-less wonders want some, too! (Size 4, please.)

Vogue 1363. This is a cute new top from Sandra Betzina. With my narrow shoulders, though, I'd have to modify it quite a bit.

Vogue 1364. A very cute jacket from Sandra Betzina. I'm showing the illustration, and not the photo, because it's made up in a plaid and I think that it looks dowdy on the model. But this pattern has great bones (and reminds me of the Sewing Workshop Opal which I made up and like very much.)

Vogue 8942. Pure whimsy! A frog and an owl backpack.

Vogue 8919. No this dress doesn't appeal to me, but I had to giggle when I saw it. If you saw Project Runway this week, you will know why.


  1. At least the models aren't lying on a window sill! I love 8932--reminds me of the old Vogue Designer patterns---plus it has a funnel collar, which I love.

    I'd like to see the 25 raincoats you will make. LOL.

  2. Tee hee 8819...Let's go dumpster diving for the fabric. :-)

  3. Okay I looked at the patterns on the bus on the way home. I thought I saw most of them - NOT! When I looked at the lookbook when I got home I realized that ALOT of them had already sold out! I will admit that I wanted 12 of them but only got 8. I loved this collection and think it's going to make me start sewing fall next month. I have loads of spring/summer clothing to last until September. I now want to sew fall!

  4. Oh my, I had the same thought when I saw the last dress. Too funny!!
    I haven't had a chance to look at the new patterns yet. Thanks for sharing these. Crazy me, I want that frog backpack :)

  5. Shams....

    I sure enjoyed looking at the upcoming season of Vogue patterns. Thanks for the quick heads-up!

    The one I got reallu excited about was not on the website when I clicked over, tho. I wonder what happened? My sister collects frogs, so I was going to wishlist the pattern for a future date. Hhhmmm.....maybe there was a problem with the pattern or the site? What do you think?


    1. Cynthia, I gather that some have sold out and aren't displayed. Which one got you excited? The "sold out" ones will come back after the sale is over, I am sure.

    2. I was drooling over the frog backpack. Sorry I omitted that detail. Still....when you go to the Vogue website, it cannot be found. I realize now you were looking at the Lookbook....there are a few patterns that appear there that are not available on the site.

      Seems like I need to be a little more patient for the website to add their pictures and the presses to print the tissue.


    3. Hi greytone!

      No, I was not looking at the lookbook. I was looking at the New Patterns page. I was looking early yesterday, when all of them were available. Some have "sold out" at the sale price and Vogue took them off the "New Patterns page". But if you click the pics, you can see the pattern details.

      I liked the frog backpack, too. I don't see myself wearing it, but it is adorable!


  6. Ah, Sold Out, that makes sense now. I was wild about the Tilton pants so I guess I get to wait. But I didn't have to wait for a whole handful of other patterns. I really liked this collection! ~Mary Beth

  7. I love this sneak peak - we'll have to wait months in OZ. I agree with you about pants sizing - I'd love 4 as well, everything swims on my hips and bottom.

  8. Vogue 1364 is like a previous pattern she made but without the flared front and back. I made the muslin, hung it in the "aging" closet and never went back to try it on...makes me want to do that soon! The final dress is a hoot and after watching the racer back/front dress on PR it does make me smile. But never mind the clothes...frog and owl backpacks...who dreams up this stuff? Pure genius...ha ha!

  9. Thanks for the tip off about the new collection. I love those pants too but did you see the pictures of the backs of them? Not very flattering, though of course you wouldn't wear them with a tucked in top. Version D, in particular, had some horrendous pull lines. It was the only woven in the bunch which might be part of the problem.

  10. There are a few patterns I love in this collection, but I am feeling overwhelmed a bit by my pattern stash. The frog and owl purses are SO weird...WTF?

  11. Thanks for the "heads up". I wonder if you know a source for good quality fleece? Love following your blog!

  12. When I saw them yesterday I knew you would be posting your favorites, so I waited because you make me see them in a different way. :) I also love the Marcy pants and the frog backpack is major cute. I also laughed at V8919...seems what's his name on PR wasn't so far off and I wonder what the judges think...if and when they see that pattern.

  13. I thought this round of Vogue was a little meh. But I do love the yellow jacket.

  14. Ha! I did see Project Runway and was surprised to see the reverse racer back here!

  15. The yellow jacket and Marcy's pants are by far my favourites! It's been the first time in a while I've been excited by their release :) Great picks!

  16. Ha ha -- the reverse racerback made it into Vogue! I want the frog and owl backpacks -- too cute!