Monday, November 17, 2014

In Search of a Miyake - Vogue 2126

Edited on 11/18/2014:

Thanks so much to Rhonda Buss! She has been able to help Anne Marie out!

I agree that it would be fabulous if Vogue would re-issue these classic Miyake patterns from the 80s, but I don't think that will ever happen. For one thing, they would have to renegotiate the contract with those who are running the current Miyake design house and I think that it is just not feasible, more's the pity. It's really great when people can work out a sharing situation. Thanks again, Rhonda!

A sewing pal, Anne Marie of le mani d'oro, is in search of an out-of-print Issey Miyake pattern (from 1998) to sew a dress for a very special event.

She is happy to buy, or rent, this pattern (in an XS-S-M) for a reasonable price.

If you can help, please contact her through her blog post.

I was busy sewing this weekend, but have nothing to show you quite yet.

Have a great week!


  1. Miyake designed so many wonderful patterns for Vogue. I wish they would repuglish them. Or digitize them to meake them available again. Deep sigh.

  2. It is so gorgeous, he is unique and his patterns so timeless we could well do with a reissue of many of them.

  3. So many times I 'kick myself' for not having splurged and bought every one of his patterns when they were first published. Those OOP's are my kind of vintage. Since you have an inside track to the powers-that-be at Vogue, perhaps you could encourage them to revisit and reissue some.

  4. I think this would be easy to self draft. I have a similar pattern that would be the base. I'll find the pattern number tonight as it is still in print.

  5. If I had it I'd share it with her in a minute. I certainly know how it feels to be searching for a hard to find pattern.

  6. Oh, what a gorgeous dress. I wish I had the pattern.

  7. Yes, yes and yes!!!
    Vogue Patterns, please republish the old IM patterns. You can do them as a limited-time thing, and rotate the styles you republish. I'd even sign up and tell you in advance which ones I am looking for and pay a cash deposit.

  8. My understanding is that republishing is not an option. They'd have to renegotiate the contracts, for one thing. Also, I'm not sure they even have the patterns in their archive in every size. This is not a style I could wear and, while it's totally lovely, it would not have made it into my own stash of patterns.

  9. I have the pattern. When does she need it?

    1. You are so nice 😄 I
      Am sure Anne will be thrilled.

  10. How wonderful that Rhonda has it. I sure wish I did. I have most of the IM patterns, just collecting, although there are a couple I have made over and over. This is one I do not have. The one I really crave is the blouse that was on the cover of Threads in the early 80s. I have been searching for it for a long time. I did find it once but the 130.00 price tag didn't make me buy. : (

  11. Bunny, is that Miyake the Origami shirt //Vogue 2056? When I search on this topic, you come up on Threads with pattern 2522. I have sewn the cowl neck for 1257 every year for decades. They never get old for me.

  12. I had the pattern Anne-Marie was looking for. While I still love the dress, it is no longer age-appropriate for me. I am sending it to her tomorrow. It will be gorgeous on her. Thanks for being the go-between in this transaction. Love your blog.