Monday, July 11, 2011

Burda 2730 - Anna Sui Silk Chiffon Blouse

So blustery! More pics

It's funny how one can absorb fashion trends by osmosis. Sheer fabrics have been on the runways for some time now, and, for some time now, without thinking about it, I have been collecting them, but not sewing them up. I'm not sure what was holding me back, but I finally broke through the barrier.

I don't know when this Burda pattern was published, but it's perfect for chiffon fabrics and it's very on trend. It's too bad it's out of print, but I found it on ebay for a couple of bucks.


  • Silk Lurex Tie-Dyed Crinkled Chiffon Panel by Anna Sui 48" Wide, 98% silk, 2% lurex (890928) from FabricMart. I used three panels, one for the back, and one each for the left and the right fronts. I needed two for the front so I could match the design at CF. It almost looks as if these panels were intended to be scarf blanks, but I'm not sure how Anna Sui used them. I would have preferred the fabric without the lurex threads, but oh well.
  • 3 pair of black snaps.
  • 3 buttons from Fabrix.
  • Black silk organza to use as interfacing for the collar.

Construction Notes:

  • The pattern comes with 3 sizes in the envelope: S (8/10), M (12/14) and L (16/18). I made the large, using view A with the collar and button front. View B is a button-less, collar-less cardigan with sleeves.

  • I made no alterations. I decided I didn't mind if the hem is uneven, so I did not bother with an FBA.

  • This is very easy to sew, though I didn't follow the instructions, exactly. I used French seams on the shoulders. I hemmed all edges and then sewed the side seams - it's just much easier that way. If you use the pattern instructions, you will have exposed seam allowances.

  • I didn't want to sew buttonholes in the silk chiffon, so I used three snaps and then sewed the buttons on top of each snap - they are purely decorative.

  • When I was cutting out the collar, I fussy cut one layer on the black part of the fabric and the other layer on the white "stripe". After constructing the collar, I decided I liked the black collar better, so the white stripe version ended up as the undercollar. You can see it here:

    The stripe ended up as the under collar. You can really see the lurex threads here.

    The solid ended up as the upper collar.

I was planning to wear this top for my birthday outing, and I put it on, and took some photos. It was so foggy, cold and windy, that I thought the photo shoot was a failure. But when I uploaded them this evening, they were better than I had thought. So I am using the pics from that shoot, even though it was blustery. But isn't all that floaty movement the reason that chiffon is fun? :)

I ended up changing my outfit to a warmer one for my outing.

I love this top. It is so billowy and fun to wear. I have already cut out a second one, using another silk chiffon border print. I am changing the front on that version, but this is a great pattern and I will use it again and again.

I am now ready for a pool party!

More Pics

I tried changing locations, but it was just as windy.

It's a bit hard to see, but I carefully matched the pattern on the front. It's also hard to see the three buttons/snaps.

Back. You can see the door's window through the top. It was breezy when I took these hangar pics too.


  1. LOVE it! Now then, if it were wool, had long sleeves, and a matching hat & scarf, you'd be set for this weather. :(

    Seriously, I was SO ready to sew up some chiffon myself, but I'm switching back to cold weather garments. And yearning for sunshine.....

  2. What a great use of the fabric! This top is sooooo cute!

  3. It is so pretty!! I love everything about that blouse. Sorry about the weather-come north to Klamath Falls. We are having 70's and high humidity (which is not the norm).

  4. Perfect pattern for chiffon. Love how you used the print on the front. Thanks for the pattern reference... I ordered it from eBay. Should be perfect also for some voile I have.

  5. Heh. We were both whining about the weather at the same time :D

    BTW, look closely at the fabric under my cat's tail on today's post....we have SUCH great taste! ;-D

  6. In case you miss my response to your last post....

    You have too much fabric you know. Too much STRIPED fabric; I'm sure of it.

    We need to talk....... ;-D

  7. Shams how fun is that top! I'll send some heat west to you. We were stinking hot today

  8. That is very cool pattern matching. I did not realise it was fully opening until I saw the pattern photo. The top is beautiful and really suits you, it looks great with your funky trousers.

  9. Thanks, Karen (kbenco), that is high praise! Yes, the top fully opens and it's hard to tell in the photos.

  10. Stunning! I'm in awe of your pattern matching.

  11. I love this blouse. But what do you wear underneath?

  12. Thanks so much for all your feedback, everyone!!

    Bev, I wear a black Eileen Fisher tank top. I bought it more than two years ago before I went back to sewing and I sure have gotten my money's worth from it!

  13. Great job on this distinctive top. I love the sheer, silk chiffon fabric with this wonderful design. You look great!!!


  14. Did you have any difficulty cutting? Sometimes those sheer, slippery fabrics are difficult. Nice work.

  15. Such a pretty blouse and a beautiful smile (which ALWAYS brightens up an outfit). And, how appropriate your pictures are from a blustery day -- just like the model on the pattern!

  16. What an *awesome* print! And absolutely the perfect pattern for it. I want one, really I do. ;)

  17. Love it. Good job to think about the seam finshes first thing. That is what makes your clothing beautiful.

  18. Wow, you are goood! And in more ways than one... not only is this a gorgeous top! but you were right about that pattern; I rang up Mum and she went to check and it IS Vogue 8454! Well spotted!

  19. Lovely. It looks like you could just take flight wearing this! I would wear it on windy/breezy days!

  20. This blouse is wonderful! I love the fabric. Nicely done!