Monday, July 11, 2011

StyleArc - The Alexi Harem Pant

More pics

I am a fan of the harem-style pant. I know this style does not suit everyone, but these pants with fullness at the hip gives my unbalanced figure some balance. When I made a recent order from StyleArc, I had to toss the Alexi pant into the cart.


  • "Trendy rayon challis" from FabricMart (812569). This black and white print, 91% rayon, 9% spandex, has a linen-like texture but when washed became very limp and drapey. Perfect for these pants. When you tie the ties, the wrong side of the fabric will show.
  • Waistband elastic.

Construction Notes:

  • I made a size 10. I cut it out without any alterations.
  • The pockets tie. The instructions say to "double neaten the rabbit ears." Or something along those lines. I wasn't sure what they meant, but this is the time when you'd want to use a rolled edge on the "rabbit ears" which are the ties. I don't have the rolled edge plate for my serger, so I used the regular overlock stitch, but I went over it twice to make it a little more substantial.
  • I did not shorten the pant legs and the length was perfect. So, if you are taller than 5'5", you will probably want to lengthen these. At first I was concerned that the ankle was a bit too pegged, but they've grown on me.
  • Before the pants were completed, I was not sure I liked the ties on the pockets. I tried tucking the ties into the pocket and I liked that look very much. After the pants were finished, I decided I did like the ties, so I took photos with them both ways.

That's it. These pants were very easy and they came together quickly. These will be perfect if I ever find myself in some hot weather. The last few days have been cold, foggy, windy. The weather has been in the 50s, so these summery clothes don't feel very relevant. :)

More Pics

Here the ties are tucked into the pockets, creating a nice drape. I didn't realize my rumpled t-shirt would be quite so obvious in the pics. Ahem. ;)

Here the pockets are tied. Again, sorry for the rumpled pics.

Close up of tied pocket. Wrong side of fabric will show.

The necklace my girls bought me for my birthday. All three of us picked it out. :)


  1. What a cute pant style, Shams. You picked a great fabric for it as well. Interestingly, even though there is a lot of fabric at the hip, the pants don't look hippy on you.

    And Happy Birthday!

  2. Its a great style for you! Not sure it'd work for me, but I think we shouldn't sometimes be afraid to try other styles.

  3. Thanks for posting the pics and the name of the pattern company I am now addicted to this pattern company and of course Fabric Mart!!!

  4. well I love harem pants, too. I guess we are among the minority.
    And that necklace - WOW!
    Great choice.

  5. You wear those edgy styles so well, like they were designed just for you! Those pants are so cute!

  6. Wow, these are fantastic. Seriously, they are the most flattering harem pants I have seen. Or maybe the only flattering harem pants I've seen. These and the ones in your previous post are making me want to purchase some style arc patterns.

  7. Sharon, this style pants looks really good on you, and for that matter all pants do. However, you are right that not all of us could wear that style. But we can use that delicious little tie pocket idea. Your outfit is perfect on you and you look so trim and slim. I know you are, but you do look more so. Great outfit for you.

    Karen aka Karendee

  8. seriously cool pants! love the fabric, they look great on you.

  9. The best thing about this style of pants is that they are so comfortable and that partially elastic waistband is just perfect. I couldn't wear them but the pocket ties are totally cute on you, Shams!

    BTW, a belated Happy Birthday!

  10. These are adorable. I don't know if I would even call them harem pants since the crotch seems to be in the normal position! Any way, love the side drape and pockets. Perfect. Love the necklace too.

  11. Ann, I think this is the "modern" interpretation of the harem pant. The crotch is lower than her other pant patterns, but no where near as low as the classic harem pant. :)

  12. I agree with Claudine! And I think that the "rabbit ears" are perfect with the print you chose; they carry the mood well.

  13. These are quite unusual and quite nice. They look great on you.

  14. These are great! And I'm pretty sure I have that same fabric chillin in my cart, so I'm glad to see someone sew with it. You look great. :)