Sunday, July 10, 2011

Post Birthday Reflections

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful birthday wishes! I was really touched by all the comments here, and on Facebook, wishing me well.

The day was great! My daughters planned to take me out for the day. They wanted to treat me to lunch and to a gift of my own choosing. We headed for the east bay, first to the Stone Mountain & Daughter fabric store and then to my favorite shopping area in Berkeley, called Fourth Street. I hadn't been to Fourth Street in many years, but at the Bryn Walker store I managed to find a beautiful pewter necklace that the girls bought for me, as well as another necklace and bracelet I bought myself. At the Japanese import store I found a couple pieces of Japanese fabric, as well as a gorgeous scarf. And, of course, there was a bit more stash acquisition at Stone Mountain. (I think I must be part Ferengi.)

We also had fun at the Bare Escentuals store and later, at home, we had a marathon makeup session.

It was much better than last year when both kids forgot my birthday. <ahem> :)

We had a heat wave last week, so I planned to wear my silk organza top. I put it on and tried to take some photos, but it was freezing cold, foggy and windy, so I changed to another outfit. I need to try again to get some photos before I can post that top. I also have another pair of StyleArc pants almost finished, so look for that post too.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with some eye candy I recently discovered. This fiber artist has created some truly wonderful designs that you can see in person in New York, Paris, and Sao Paolo: Yasmine Studio. Make sure you look at all three of her collections! I want to be her when I grow up. :)


  1. Happy Birthday. I am glad the trip to Stone Mountain was a success. I try to stop every time I pass up that way.

  2. What a wonderful sounding birthday! Yasmine. I am in love with that woman - I'd be happy if I could create one Yasmine-worthy piece before I die - thank you for that inspirational link!

  3. I'll have to look Yasmine up next time I'm in NYC -- beautiful pieces, though so far I've just had a quick look)!

    (Parenthetically, though, why do designers always have irritating, slow-loading websites? It's cool to make us wait? I'd have seen more if the site wasn't programmed so unfortunately!)

    Your birthday sounds wonderful -- glad it was a good day!

  4. 4th Street Shopping is my favorite too. Love Molly B. and the Japanese Textiles/paper store. Glad you had such a great time with your girls.

  5. Thanks for sharing Yasmine Studio info-wow! I think you had a great birthday, glad it was a good one.

  6. Ann, we spent quite awhile trying on clothes/accessories in Molly B. Even my eldest liked their clothing. And I did some damage in the Japanese store, oh yeah. :)

  7. Noile, I agree. I am not a fan of the "slick" websites that have slow-loading animations, but it seems to be a common UI on various designer websites.

  8. Yasmine Studio....what eye candy....inspiration....thanks from eva in florida